Avenida Paulista and Bixiga

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Money once poured into and out of the coffee barons' mansions that lined Avenida Paulista, making it, in a sense, the financial hub. And so it is today, though the money is now centered in the major banks. Like the barons before them, many of these financial institutions generously support the arts. Numerous places have changing exhibitions—often free—in the Paulista neighborhood. Nearby Bixiga, São Paulo's Little Italy, is full of restaurants—Italian, of course.


Ponto Chic

Stop here for a delicious bauru—a sandwich with roast beef, tomato, cucumber, and a mix of melted cheeses. This branch…

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Centro Cultural FIESP–Ruth Cardoso

Adorned with LED lights, the cultural center's pyramid-shaped facade serves as an open-air digital-art gallery. Past exhibits at this facility…

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Centro da Cultura Judaica

A short cab or metro trip northwest of Avenida Paulista, this Torah-shape concrete building is one of the newest architectural…

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