Shafa Mountains & Cable Car


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Shafa Mountains & Cable Car

An overwhelming number of travelers come to Ta'if for the beautiful vistas and attractions in the mountainous areas surrounding the city. Al-Hada and Al-Shifa are two locations with public parks, gardens and agricultural zones not to be missed. A cable car journey up to the Al-Hada Mountain starts down in Al-Kurr Village and takes visitors all the way up to the mountaintop, where an upscale restaurant and hotel are located.

Do & See

Ta'if's number one attraction is, perhaps, its natural beauty. No visit to the area is complete without exploring the Shafa Mountains and taking a ride on the cable car - one of the most ambitious projects of the kind on the entire peninsula. Some of the most scenic areas full of parks, gardens and fruit farms include Al-Hada and Al-Shifa, conveniently connected to each other via a two-way road. The town of Ta'if holds a few interesting locations, such as the famous Shubra Palace, historic Turkish Fort, informative National Museum and cultural Souk Okaz.